CONDUCT: EduWorkshops to secure parent-child attachment and healthy emotional bond

Family Workshops

Reflective parenting helps in being conscious of the impact caregivers’ mental states have on children. Emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, needs and desires of parents and immediate caregivers influence behaviour and thought pattern in children. The family parenting workshops are guides for parents and caregivers to reflect and metalize their own emotional self, while analysing its impact on children.

Parenting Communication Workshop: Develop positive identity and healthy self-esteem in your child through personal narrative

Are you aware, you are the co-author of your child’s life story? Do you know that the stories you have been casually telling about your child, to your child and others, are slowly shaping their identity and self belief? Are you conscious that your child is constructing images of the world based on your stories, which eventually will shape their destiny? It is time to be mindful of saying your stories THE RIGHT WAY!

  • Decode the power of personal narrative
  • craft messages that will nurture your child’s unique personality
  • Build powerful stories out of everyday experiences
  • Learn the art of effective narration

Two Session Module

Love Circle Parent Toddler Program

Love cannot be taught. Love needs to bloom and it bloom through play.

One outcome of a responsive and safe early environment is the formation of secure child-parent attachment, which is an essential for the appropriate development of socio-emotional health.

Love Circle aims to nurture secure attachment through connected plan. Facilitating attachment parenting beliefs, each session weaves a series of activities and parent-baby rituals that create connection of the body, mind, emotion and soul between parent and baby. The activities find its roots in the mindfulness and Indian holistic development practices.

At Love Circle helps parents slow down and create an atmosphere of peace and calm. An atmosphere where baby gain the primary focus and we redirect our energies in building a deep connect with them. The sessions include circle time, guided meditation, affirmations, games for laugher & giggles, yoga and movement, story time, experiential play and relaxing lullaby.

The sessions are available online and in classroom format.

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