CURATE: EduFestivals celebrating all the meaningful relationships that surround childhood

UNDER THE PEEPAL TREE – Dad Child Festival

Studies show that father-child bonding helps children to form long-lasting relationships later in life. UNDER THE PEEPAL TREE is a festival that celebrates this unique bond. This is an open air, in-nature and culture inspired festival providing daddies an occasion and space to engage meaningfully and rejoice their time with children.

Encouraging the need for exploring different cultures and customs to instil ethnic pride in children, each year the festival selects an Indian state, bringing alive its folk and literary culture through various workshops, activities and performances. It brings alive an Indian state through its culture, art, music, games and folklore traditions.

Early cultural appreciation and awareness contribute to building a positive self-image. In long-term it helps children to create a diverse social network while transitioning into adulthood. This festival is an opportunity for parents to expose their child to the vast cultural diversity of India, in a fun and engaging environment.

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Grand Utsav – Celebrating Grandparents Love

A healthy secondary attachment deepens the sense of security and emotional stability in children.  Role of secondary attachment figures such as grandparents and immediate family members have increasingly come to light with the growth of nuclear families and single parenthood. GRAND UTSAV relies on the role of Grandparents as secondary influencers, providing children with companionship, life wisdom and the sense of cultural belonging.

Live cultural performance, traditional art workshops, bilingual storytelling, village kitchen rituals and fun traditional games form a part of the session.

Junk Art Festival – Rewind. Recycle. Reuse

Junk Art Festival aims to raise environment consciousness among children. A pro nature festival, created for children in the ages of 4 and 13 years, aiming to highlight repair, repurpose and upcycling as the alternate to the ‘use and throw’ culture.

At the festival children participate in repurpose fashion, creative crafts and book swap, learns kitchen waste gardening and clay moulding, enjoys theme based drama and junk music circle.  To bring the message alive, children are urged to bring common household waste, such as old t-shirt, pre-cared white scarf, old newspaper, pre-used plastic bag, which they will learn to convert into reusable items through the facilitator led creative repurpose workshops.

Discussions on sustainable living and conscious consumption, along with showcasing artisan goods, wellness practitioners, sustainable product purveyors, forms a part of the parent engagement.

Children Wellness Picnic

In this face paced, a busy lifestyle parents do not get enough opportunity to spend quality time outdoors with dear ones. A picnic is an age old method of bonding with family in nature. Children Wellness Picnic is not just about quality time, it ensures strong health benefits too.

Amidst chirping of birds and rustling of leaves, parents and children engage in yoga, create art, play family games and connect with nature through a nature treasure search. There is also laughter, giggles, jokes, community eat time, bonding and sharing of experiences.