CREATE: EduDramas to relive the stories from great Indian literature

EduDramas expose children to the pages of ancient Indian literature and instil the feeling of ethnic pride in them. The sessions offer parents a platform to engage meaningfully with children and create happy lasting memories.

Ramleela - Relive The Story

In many parts of India, it is a predominant practice to stage Ramleela during Dushehra. It is a dramatized puppet re-enactment of the ancient epic Ramayana. The story, in a simple and engaging manner, depicts the 14 years long forest exile of Prince Rama, Princess Sita and Brother Laxmana; their encounter with the Lanka King Ravana; defeat of Ravana by Rama in the battle between the good and evil; the return of Rama to Ayodhya as the king. The show ends with a symbolic demolishing of an effigy of ten headed Raavan, made with balloons, where each head represents one of the vices within us.

The show is mindfully crafted for children between 2 and 6 year children and brought alive through handcrafted puppets, background music, interactivity and humour.

To help young minds stay connected to the drama and retain its key messages, the performance format follows parts of immersive theatre model. Through interactive narration the audience is brought into the same playing space as the performers, children and parents are invited to hold props, supply performance suggestions, share the action scenes and also become characters in the performance.

Keeping contemporary challenges faced by children, the narrator through the scenes sensitively open dialogue on crucial concepts of stranger-danger, promise keeping, respect and consent allowing Parents and teachers accompanying the children to reference point for future conversations on these topics.


Ramleela ABP Awards

Jungle Maiden – Story of Shakuntala

Through this 90 minutes multi-sensory drama, children in the ages of Age: 4-10 years relive the story of the feisty jungle maiden – Shakuntala, who is said to have shaped the narrative of ancient Indian history.

Shakuntala embodied the virtues of courage, compassion and love for all beings living. It was after her benevolent son Bhaarat, that our country derives the name Bhaaratvarsh. Inspired by the poem of Kalidas – the great Indian literate, the story has been contemporized to match current times and simplified for children understanding.

The format of this session weaves art into drama. As the narration progresses, children make their own story props through creative art – the jungle maiden and the king, the sacred tree, the memory ring and the lion.  The session ends on a high note with the crowing ceremony of each child participant.

Interactive storytelling, music, movement, colours and craft based activities are the highlights of the session.

The story depicts varied emotions, such as bravery, love, abandonment, fear, empathy and reunion, parent’s involvement make the environment gentle, giving children a strong sense of security and well-being. Post the session parents can use the experience as a platform to talk about these feelings with their children and help them develop a healthy understanding of human emotions. Understanding of emotions early nurtures Emotional Quotient [EQ], which a must have for success.

Eidgah - Premchand ki Kahani Dastango ki Zubani

Bringing alive the modern Hindustani literature through ancient storytelling format. A bilingual children drama that draws inspiration from the 13th century style of story narration Dastangoi, while making it engaging through music, rhyme, props and interactivity.